DIY Vs. Professional Bathtub Repair: Which Is Better?

DIY Vs. Professional Bathtub Repair: Which Is Better?

When you have lived in the same house for many years, it is natural for some fixtures to fall into disrepair. We are guessing that you are a pretty hands-on person if you are reading this article. When it comes to bathtub chip repair, engaging a professional or doing it yourself often comes into question. However, while a DIY effort would usually suffice for many small problems in house maintenance, bathtub repair requires specialized knowledge.

As an industry leader with many years of experience, we have fixed DIY jobs countless times, and homeowners end up paying more money than they would have originally paid to hire a professional. Not to mention the unfortunate additional headaches that you will encounter as well. Here are a few reasons why professional bathtub restoration beats a DIY job anytime.

Mismatching Material and Color

Many DIY bathtub repair kits come with weak chemicals or materials. When you use chemicals that are not sufficiently strong, the repair will flake easily with a scrape of the fingernail. Our professionals walk you through the details when we come to your house to repair your bathtub. Materials and tools to do a professional refinishing job would cost you well over $8,000 to do it correctly. The HVLP sprayer, blowers, duct hoses, filler, sand, primer and a urethane acrylic top coat are all needed, to ensure that your bathtub will stay pristine for a long time to come.

Applying the incorrect color is also a headache that plagues many DIY bathtub repairs. These do-it-yourself kits have standard colors and the more expensive kits may provide a few more drops to help blend the finish. Unless you are good at adjusting these colors, you’ll run out of the material before you get your desired color.

Our professional coating has a pure white color that does not need to be tinted. We aim to restore your bathtub to its pristine condition, so the damage appears to have never been there. We even get phone calls to repair BRAND NEW tubs that were just installed but damaged during the tile installation around the tub. We often hear from our customers that the refinishing job that we do, makes the tubs look even better than they did out of the box.

Time Wastage

Most DIY kits need days to apply and even longer to cure. We have seen some DIY works that never fully cured as the materials have not been mixed to the right degree. That gives you a bathtub with a gummy finish and it collects dirt. With our professional repair, you never have to wait long or be in suspense. Depending on how complicated the repair is, most jobs can be done in 3-5 hours and need just less than one day to cure!

Trust Tub Coaters With Your Bathtub Repair

We at Tub Coaters have over 20 years of experience and have encountered all types of bathtubs. We have never met one that we couldn’t repair! We have refinished and reglazed all kinds of materials – even cast iron bathtubs. Not only can we provide refinishing for your bathtub, but we also carry out tub surround refinishing and reglazing! We work efficiently and are a favorite with our clients as we are the ideal budget repair and a one-stop shop.

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