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Benefits Of Using Our Clawfoot Tub Refinishing & Reglazing Services

Clawfoot tubs are common in older homes. Due to complex and time-consuming manufacturing processes, these tubs are no longer common in modern bathrooms even if they were made of the most durable materials. “They do not make them like they used to.” Therefore, these tubs are commonly passed down from generation to generation. Some tubs are even considered historical artifacts and are highly valued by those in “the know.” Clawfoot tub (“Claw tubs”) can be family heirlooms and/or have sentimental value to them. Refinishing services can help restore the exterior of clawfoot tubs and enhance the bathroom’s overall design.

Clawfoot tubs complement the look of traditional bathroom remodels, which led to them costing thousands of dollars. Additionally, these tubs are not mass-produced today. Their value has significantly increased over the last century due to their rarity! Clawfoot tub reglazing processes not only add elegance to a bathroom but also increases the overall value of a property, especially if it is viewed by someone who appreciate these elements.

At Tub Coaters, we have years of experience facilitating clawfoot tub refinishing. Our team has worked on clawfoot tubs that have been painted several times by removing existing paint and epoxies prior to reglazing. Our company consists of experienced clawfoot tub refinishing technicians who can restore your clawfoot with a durable glossy finish. This restoration ensures that your clawfoot tub can last a lifetime!

Clawfoot tubs can be reglazed with a custom color of your liking! Our company has received many requests for custom color reglazing because clients want their clawfoot tubs’ exterior to match with vanities, toilets, bathroom accessories, and/or wall paint color. In addition to having a wide range of colors to choose from, you can also provide color swatches from local paint retailers. Tub Coaters will provide a color match for the refinishing.

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