Bathtub Resurfacing Serving Washington DC, District of Columbia

If you are considering adding a master’s suite or modernizing your home with brand-new elements, it’s crucial to hire a professional company that you trust. At Tub Coaters, we’re the ones you can rely on, with over 22 years of history in the industry, we’ll get it done for you!

About Bathtub Resurfacing

Naturally, wear, rust and harsh cleaners add up over time and can make your bathtub undesirable for usage. The smart choice is to resurface your tub as it’s much more economical whilst being able to restore its original condition.

For the resurfacing process, a high-quality urethane and adhesive coating is applied straight onto the tub surface, giving it the feel and look of a brand-new tub.

What Are the Benefits of Bathtub Resurfacing?

Who Needs Bathtub Resurfacing?

Resurfacing is especially suitable for old tubs that possess greater character or are made of superior-quality materials that are not available in today’s market. For instance, clawfoot tubs are typically passed down the generations as a form of family tradition and most do have some historical or sentimental value. In such cases, it’s best to refinish them.

It’s very rare when not, but the reglazing process isn’t an option 100% of the time. Tubs that are in extremely bad condition and may have holes running through them can’t be restored to what is once was so it’s best to replace them completely. We are the experts, so call us and we will explain your unique situation and what we recommend. We love to help our customers!

Why Choose Tub Coaters?

Here at Tub Coaters, we pride ourselves on our superior and highly innovative reglazing materials with state-of-the-art technologies provided to our technicians to resolve all your bathroom and bathtub needs. We’re immensely proud that our refinish projects are guaranteed to be extremely durable and last longer than other refinishers on the market. We are recommended highly by all our clients, with over 22 years of history in the industry and a proven track record of having hundreds of five-star excellent positive reviews of our service!

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