Bathtub Refinishing & Tile Reglazing In Montgomery County, Maryland

Bathtub Refinishing & Tile Reglazing In Montgomery County, MD
When it comes to home renovation or adding a brand-new suite, you have to engage a trusted professional contractor. Tub Coaters has over 22 years of experience to help you resolve all your bathroom and bathtub needs with 100% positive reviews.

About Montgomery County, MD

Located next to the capital state, Washington, D.C., the 497 square miles-sized county is the most affluent and populous jurisdiction in Maryland. The county also consists of towns like Gaithersburg, Rockville, Silver Spring, Germantown and Redland.

Full Bathroom Remodeling in Montgomery County, MD

A modern bathroom can add much comfort, style and value to your home. A full bathroom remodeling can help replace dull and dated fixtures with ones that provide greater color and aesthetic.

Fiberglass Refinishing & Reglazing in Montgomery County, MD

The fiberglass surrounds on the tub usually fades away easily and can start forming cracks. Refinishing the surface can reduce the surface porosity, making it more lasting.

Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing in Montgomery County, MD

Bathtubs are typically made of cast iron which are extremely durable materials. Instead of replacing them completely, you can save costs by simply just refinishing and reglazing them.

Bathtub Resurfacing in Montgomery County, MD

Bathtubs are large and heavy; it doesn’t make sense to spend so much on replacing them for some cracks or dents. You can resurface them to make them new like before!

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing & Reglazing in Montgomery County, MD

These tubs are usually more traditional and have some form of historical or sentimental value. You can restore their original value and looks by refinishing your clawfoot tub.

Tub and Tile Surround Refinishing & Reglazing in Montgomery County, MD

The porcelain tiles are extra durable and shouldn’t need replacing. Otherwise, you can just refinish them to reinstate them to their original condition.

Tub Chip and Crack Repair in Montgomery County, MD

We can repair cracks and chips in tubs through filling and blending. Then we will have to refinish the whole tub. Additionally, many believe our finish has a nicer appearance than that of a brand new tub.

Sink & Countertop Refinishing in Montgomery County, MD

Countertops are essential mainstays of every kitchen and bathroom. If they’re damaged, simply refinish them without having to fork out large costs to replace them.

Jacuzzi Tub & Garden Tub Refinishing in Montgomery County, MD

Many tubs that our customers want us to reglaze are jacuzzi tubs or garden tubs. We do not do hot tub or jacuzzi tub repairs for the motors, or jets but we will refinish your jetted tub to make the plastic surface look new again. Call us today for your jacuzzi tub repair!

Shower Stall Refinishing in Montgomery County, MD

There are two key bathroom shower stalls. One is tiled and the other has a liner system for the shower walls: acrylic liner system or a fiberglass liner system. We reglaze all of these types of shower stalls. It does not matter which one you have. Call us today for your shower stall reglazing and get a new looking stall in one day!

Why Choose Tub Coaters in Montgomery County, MD?

Tub Coaters has achieved a sound reputation of providing bathtub refinishing services for our clients for decades. We take the time to understand the needs and preferences of our clients to come up with the best solutions for their bathrooms. Don’t make the mistake of using a handyman that will simply use a kit of cheap paint to put on your tub and or walls. This will surely fall apart and could possibly clog your drain costing you hundreds and maybe thousands or lost money. It is a waste of money. You simply have to engage a true reglazing expert with years of experience to get a job done that will last, and that’s us at Tub Coaters!
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