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Tub and Tile Surround Refinishing/Reglazing

Tub and Tile Surround Refinishing & Reglazing

Porcelain tile is the most common in Baltimore. In the District of Columbia, pink tile with black trim is common. Also the black and white combinations are the more common as in Baltimore and surrounding areas. Many of these tile surounds were the original to the home and has been there for 50+ years! These tiles can last a lifetime and shouldn始t be replaced if you can avoid this. Refinishing will restore the tiles back to a beautiful finish but also lock-in those hard to clean grout lines. Grout lines can stain and must be re-sealed every 6 months. Most do not do this.

Furthermore, even if grout lines are re-sealed there is still a good chance that they will develop mildew growth and stain. By refinishing your tile and sealing in the grout lines with our finish, the tile surface will remain easy to clean and maintain.

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