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Cast Iron Bathtub Refinishing/Reglazing

Cast Iron Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing

Many tubs in the Baltimore areas are made of cast iron with porcelain finishes. Please view our image gallery to see many of the common tub forms. Also many of the file surround designs can be seen in our gallery. You may find your pattern there.

Cast iron tubs make for an excellent scenario for refinishing. Cast iron tubs are extremely durable and can last for lifetimes. Because they were manufactured with heavy duty metal materials, they often have to be completely broken in order to be removed for a replacement. The replacement will more than likely be less durable than the cast iron tub. Don始t replace it! Refinishing these tubs constitute for the majority of our business. They can be refinished an indefinite amount of times. The cost of maintaining the condition of this tub for a lifetime by reglazing it, could be easily less than the cost of replacing it once.

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