Top Four Considerations When Refinishing Your Tub

Top Four Considerations When Refinishing Your Tub

Just because your bathtub is chipping or peeling off in areas does not mean that you should rush out and get a completely new one. There are many reasons to opt for bathtub refinishing instead of a complete replacement.

For one thing, your bathtub may still be fairly new and the cost of getting a new one would not be justified. However, you do have to keep in mind that tub refinishing is never a simple job that can be managed by yourself. In this article, we share with you some factors to consider when refinishing your tub.

Size and Shape

Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, and you may have one to accommodate the available space in your bathroom. However, if your bathtub is an unusual shape or unconventional in any other way and causing inconveniences to you, you may find that the huge cost of a complete replacement is worth it for you. When that’s the case, you may find that a tub refinishing will help with the aesthetics of your tub, but you may be stuck with the same inconvenience of a tub that is oddly shaped, or too shallow etc.

On the other hand, if you have a simple bathtub of a regular size and without any fancy features, you will more than likely find that a refinishing job only costs you a fraction of what it would take to replace it and is WELL worth it to refinish.

Age and Condition

How old is your bathtub? Is it nearing the end of its usable lifespan, and has it been refinished before? It comes as no surprise that older bathtubs are more likely to get chipped and damaged. To some extent, this can also depend on the material of the bathtub and its quality.

When you are considering getting your tub refinished, take an honest look at its condition. If it is beginning to wear, refinishing will be a great way to make your bathtub look like new without spending too much money and preserve the tub giving you many more years to its life.


Although a refinishing job would not require as much downtime as a complete bathroom remodeling (just hours vs weeks), the refinished tub will be unusable for a good part of one day. If there are two bathrooms in your house, you may wish to get them refinished the same day, one after the other so that your family still has a usable bathroom that same night.

Who’s Using It

Who will use the bathtub in your home? If there are older adults or young children in your household, we will include a slip resistant bottom to the refinishing job. Your bathtub will feel incredibly smooth and slippery immediately after the job if this is not done and many companies charge lots of money for this. We will help this problem vs you having to use a bath mat as many customers do prior to us refinishing their tubs. Our process will kill 2 birds with one stone. Bath mats will wear the bottom of your tub and cause rust. We will eliminate the need for this.

Come to Tub Coaters for Bathtub Refinishing

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