Can You Refinish A Bathtub More Than Once?

Can You Refinish A Bathtub More Than Once?

When you are trying to decide between a bathtub refinishing or a complete replacement, there are a number of factors to consider. A bathtub refinishing job will save you lots of money on top of making your bathtub look and function like new. Also, if your tub is a high quality tub, such as a strong cast iron tub, you can keep this quality tub instead of replacing it with a possibly inferior one.  If your bathtub has been refinished before and it’s starting to deteriorate after many years, it can always be refinished as many times as you like.

In this article, we share with you more about the eligibility criteria for refinishing a bathtub.

It Depends on the Condition of Your Bathtub

Most bathtubs can be refinished as many times as you like. Every several years, refinishing your tub again will make it look brand new all over again. Chances are, when you first require a refinishing job, your bathtub has yet to near the end of its lifespan. Therefore, it makes good financial sense to get your existing bathtub refinished instead of getting a completely new one installed.

When you are considering getting your bathtub refinished a subsequent time, as long as you/or the previous owner has not allowed the tub to deteriorate to the point where it is leaking, it is possible to refinish your bathtub (even is this is the case with your tub, contact us for options). If you are unsure whether you should refinish your bathtub again after it has already been done once, you may want to seek the advice of a professional bathtub reglazer before proceeding. You do not want to end up having to pay for a new bathtub after a bad attempt at a refinishing job was failed by a handyman!

A Subsequent Refinishing Job Will Require More Prep

While it’s definitely possible for your bathtub to be refinished a subsequent time if it’s in good enough condition, this will require more prep than before. Prep work is necessary in order to ensure the smoothness of the finish as well as the durability of the job.

When you are looking to get your bathtub refinished again, it’s most likely that your existing finish is chipping off or peeling in a few areas, and these areas will need to be removed/fixed before the new coat can be applied. This will be reflected in the price of materials used to remove this failing coating and total cost required to refinish your bathtub.

There is no Maximum number of times for refinishing

Now that you know it’s possible for your bathtub to be refinished a subsequent time, you may be wondering: what about a third and fourth time? Fortunately, all bathtubs can be refinished almost indefinitely as long as there are no leaks or completely rusted through areas.

If your bathtub is in need of some TLC and you have already refinished it, you can make the tub look new again with a refinishing or you have other options to consider, such as bathtub replacement or bathroom remodeling. Chances are however, if you are considering a third refinishing job, your bathtub surround is probably nearing the end of its lifespan. However, you can still replace the tile surround / wall surround and simply refinish the tub after the renovation without bearing the cost of a new tub, plumbing involved and damage to flooring outside of the tub as the result of removing the old tub.

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