4 Problems With Bathtub Refinishing & The Solutions

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After a trying day, nothing compares to the sensation of taking a long, hot bath. This is the ideal approach to calm your senses, revitalize your skin, and experience the calm you have been waiting for—complete with a nice book, a bottle of your preferred wine, and your favorite essential oils.

It could seem undesirable to unwind and have a relaxing bath if your bathtub appears to be in poor condition. We hear from customers everyday that say this to us. The great news is that professional reglazing makes it simple to give your old tub a fresh lease on life. The nicest thing about bathtub reglazing is that you may get a shiny, new tub for a lot less money than you would pay for remodeling, replacement, or renovation. However, if the wrong person/handyman is hired to reglaze the tub and they use improper methods and subpar supplies, problems still occur and cause you headaches. Often we hear of cheap paints being used on tubs to save a little money and they start to chip and peel in as little as a few weeks. Do not do this! Hire a professional to get the reglazing job done correctly one-time, so that you get years out of it!

Are you thinking about refinishing the tub surface yourself? In order to reglaze it, you would have to fix cracks and chips and smooth out the previous rough areas of the tub surface. Refinishing properly can not be done on one’s own. It would take upwards of 5 thousand dollars in equipment to do it at the standard of a professional reglazer. It also takes our staff 2 months of daily training to learn how to properly refinish tubs and not have problems with a rough or ugly finish when its done. Not to mention possibly having it fall apart in days is no properly done. There are even more frequent issues that could occur if you decide to tackle the task yourself. These problems will be covered in this article, along with advice on how to avert them. We at Tub Coaters are professionals at tub refinishing, so let us guide you through it!


In the event that the coat is not given enough time to dry or areas of the previous finish are not removed properly prior to resurfacing, bubbles can and will develop. The only time a surface has to be stripped is if it has previously been reglazed and is failing apart. If the previous failing parts of the refinish is not removed, the new finish would not adhere to the substrate, which will result in bubbling and failing. Removing any prior refinishing layers carefully to prevent bubbles or adhesion issues is a must. To do this you need special equipment and chemicals that would cost you hundreds of dollars JUST for this alone. You also, must wait for the coating to fully cure before putting it in touch with water.


In the event that the refinish coat is mixed improperly or too thinly, fading and peeling will result. It may also occur if the refinisher / person fails to give the coating enough time to dry or uses the incorrect cleansers on the surface. These will cause the finish to become thinner, allowing the layer beneath to show through. Utilizing high-quality resurfacing products mixed to the right consistency can prevent your work from deteriorating.

Rough Textures

Your bathtub’s surface may have been improperly polished or washed before the coat was placed if it feels harsh to the touch. Another reason for a rough texture is when dirt and debris get lodged under the finish. Throughout the refinishing procedure, measurements must be taken to keep the surface clean and to maintain its smoothness. Utilization of the proper fans in the proper locations, along with other precautions made before the application are needed to avoid this issue in your tub refinishing.

Tacky or Sticky Surfaces

After the curing period, if the tub still feels sticky or tacky, it may be because the coat had not dried correctly and it would have to be resprayed again. This may happen if the coat is improperly mixed or if it is interacting with a solvent or chemical. It is not advisable to use or touch a freshly refinished tub that is tacky or sticky. You must be absolutely sure your coat is correctly mixed, taking humidity and harsh weather conditions into mind, to prevent your bathtub from becoming sticky or tacky and no properly curing.

There are tons of skills and knowledge that our staff has developed through the years and we often suggest it is close to impossible for a first timer or even someone who has not done this for months, to get the refinishing done correctly.

Call the professionals here, to make sure your refinishing job is done correctly. We will leave you satisfied with no regrets!