DIY Bathtub Refinishing Poses Serious Health Risks

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DIY bathtub refinishing poses a health risk in addition to being a financial waste. You must comprehend the sorts of chemicals used in bathtub refinishing and the dangers associated with it before attempting to remodel your tub by yourself. Professional restroom remodelers are equipped with safety gear and are knowledgeable on how to manage these substances. That will not be included in the refurbishing kit that you buy off the shelf. Let us take a look at a few health dangers connected to tub restoration and why it would be better to allow the professionals to do it instead.

Poisonous Gases Released by the Tub Refinishing DIY Kits

During the tub refinishing procedure with DIY kits, dangerous gases are emitted. Often cheap epoxies are found in these kits. To ensure the fresh coating is stable, refinishers must first remove the tub’s old finish if it exist. The stripping chemicals that you can find over the counter, emit dangerous gases, particularly if the bathroom has poor ventilation. Qualified refinishers are trained in vapor protection, but you might not be.

Spraying an epoxy coating over the tub’s surface may also cause fumes to be released. These go away, but if you lack the proper face protection, they can be dangerous. It is insufficient to protect you from the fumes with a simple dust mask. To effectively protect oneself from breathing in harmful gases, it would require a respirator that is properly fitted.

DIY Refinishing Chemicals Could Harm Your Skin

In addition to worrying about airborne pollutants, you need also think about how your body will react to them. Our skilled bathtub refinishers avoid using these cheap DIY refinishing kits, as coming into contact with the substances with their arms or hands without wearing special suits and gloves that protect their bodies can be unsafe. Many DIY kits include chemicals that are dangerous if ingested or absorbed via the skin. This is why hiring qualified pros to perform a real tub refinishing is essential, rather than attempting to complete the task yourself.

Refinishing Can Be Safe

The facts above should not deter you from a real tub refinishing. The finished product that our company uses is completely safe to be exposed to. The majority of our restoration jobs are finished in a couple of hours, and you may use your bathtub again the following day. You will be given a window of time by your bathtub restoration professionals to allow the epoxy to fully cure before using your tub as usual.

How Do the Pros Do It?

Our contractors are knowledgeable about each product used in the refurbishing procedure. The products used are not the cheap toxic paints that you will find over the counter. We possess years of expertise dealing with a variety of tubs, including ceramic, clawfoot, and fiberglass tubs. This enables us to prepare for any unique bathroom-related difficulties. We will inspect your bathroom during your reglazing appointment to ascertain the type of preliminary work that has to be done. We determine how the space will be ventilated, the finishing materials we are going to be used, and the time required to clean and refinish the tub. We make use of the some of the safest and best coating chemicals on the market that you would not be able to find in local stores.