Fiberglass Refinishing/Reglazing

Fiberglass is infamous for staining and discoloring after short periods of use. This product is very inexpensive to purchase and manufacture. It has gained much popularity because of its price point, but is subsequently replaced because of this as well. Over the span of years, one can easily replace a fiberglass surround or tub several times. The porous surface collects dirt, soap scum and cleaning agents. Once these start to collect, it is virtually impossible to clean or restore the original surface. Refinishing is an excellent option. When we refinish your fiberglass surrounds or tubs, you are left with a surface that is much less porous and subject to dirt collection. It is much easier to clean and maintain. In many situations, our customers have declared that our refinishes result in a look that is brighter and prettier than the original finish!Feel free to get in touch with us for fiberglass refinishing and reglazing needs in Baltimore, Maryland.

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