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Fiberglass Refinishing/Reglazing

Fiberglass Refinishing & Reglazing

There are two major liner material systems for your tub and shower walls. Fiberglass liner systems and Acrylic Liner systems are the two common systems in the Maryland. Fiberglass is the cheaper of the two and less durable than acrylic systems. Unlike Acrylic systems, they are very porous, scratch easily and can be cracked fairly easily as well. Because of there inexpensive price point, most customers who chose a plastic system have this one.

However, they are usually surprised as it begins to fade very quickly and loose its gloss. Also, we see many of these systems begin to crack in as little as a year in places like the soap dish and on various bending points. Using our company to seal in cracks and refinish fiberglass is a great option. It will usually cost twice as much for the cost of materials and the cost to have one install a new fiberglass system, than to have our company refinish one. Also, with our new finish, the surface will not be nearly as porous, therefore lasting much longer than a basic fiberglass system in proper cared for. The glossy shine of our finish and smooth touch can last a few lifetimes of a fiberglass system with proper care.

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